What You Need To Know

Johannesburg is known as the hub of medical expertise on the African continent, and due to our extended medical support network we have built relationships with the top professionals in all medical spheres over the past 27 years.

We invest heavily in relationships with those coming from far and wide seeking advice, treatment, exploring further investigations or simply coming for their annual check-ups. Some families have stayed with us yearly since 1998 , where we have come to know and care for entire generations.

In Africa and surrounding islands medical facilities are often not properly staffed and expertise is seriously lacking as well as supplies and infrastructure is lacking to say the least. We are grateful that South Africa , especially around Sandton, offers world class accessible medical care. Due to cost involved in making these cross country journeys people often travel without their loved ones and we fill the role of emotional support in a homely atmosphere.

Many of these journeys that have to be traveled can be very difficult, and no one should have to face them alone. In trying times everyone needs a hand to hold or a shoulder to cry on, or sometimes assistance to take difficult steps and make difficult choices. Just having someone know your name, while encouraging you to connect with the right medical professional we know and trust, can make what seems like an overwhelming journey, quite beautiful.

We can offer a safe, comfortable, and beautiful solution. Consultations are organised, transport arranged, and are meals prepared by our friendly staff, who wanted to be part of your journey.

This is not simply a glorious place to stay, but a place where you are carried and loved throughout your medical journey, whether serious or mundane.

We tailor the services we supply to each individual’s needs, ensuring that they are seen, heard and understood, and especially, loved.

We will be your cheerleaders and your safe space. You will never have to go anywhere else when in South Africa for medical reasons.

We’ll be your family.

Our Focus

We focus on you and your loved ones, making sure you get the best possible outcome,
recovery or 24/7 support on your medical journey.

Uniquely patient

You are in control of your routine, your care and your visiting hours. We know this is happening to you and we understand that our role is to make this journey as beautiful as possible for you.

Called to
compassionate care

24/7 care by a team of permanently employed staff members who are honoured to have received a vocation to walk along people who are facing medical challenges

An accommodation solution to your journey

We can provide accommodation and support when you are simply going for tests and having a few consultation through every stage right to your end-of-life accommodation, support and care.

Our Patients are our Passion

All patients seeking care at our Hospitality Lodges can anticipate a seamless booking process, ensuring a compassionate and supportive environment for their journey toward wellness.