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Welcome to Sunninghill Recovery Lodge, where our unique approach to services reflects our commitment to genuine, holistic care. Born from a legacy of prioritising your physical and emotional well-being, we redefine recovery by balancing support, privacy, luxury, and comfort, resulting in quicker recovery times and enhanced well-being for you and your loved ones.

Our 24/7 team of trained carers is dedicated to meeting your day-to-day needs with unwavering respect for your dignity and comfort. Nestled opposite Netcare Sunninghill hospital, our ideal location and strong network of physicians, therapists, and support services create a home-like environment for your recovery, seamlessly blending world-class medical care with our empathetic approach.

At Sunninghill Recovery Lodge, you are treated as a cherished visitor first and then as a patient. Our serene gardens, compassionate staff, and tranquil environment foster your physical, mental, and emotional recovery. While upholding the highest health standards, we maintain a non-clinical ambiance, pushing the boundaries of hospitality service excellence.

Whether post-surgery, in need of palliative care, recovering from an incident, seeking respite care, or undergoing medical treatment, we provide attentive care, nutrient-dense meals, and a peaceful setting. Understanding the trauma of illness, we’ve chosen empathetic staff trained to address both your physical and emotional needs, ensuring a stress-free stay focused on your health and recuperation.

Adapting to your specifications, our tailored approach extends to your care, meals, and therapies. In our safe and tranquil environment, you can unwind knowing medical help is nearby, embracing a holiday or home-away-from-home ambiance. We also offer accommodation for your loved ones, enhancing the overall support system.

We go beyond medical care, prioritising your dignity and comfort and making each day count. Celebrating your victories, empathising with your difficulties, and empowering you with respect define our commitment. Sunninghill Recovery Lodge provides a non-clinical haven for genuine recovery, alleviating your stress and privacy concerns.

Recovery is a journey, and we’re here to make it as comfortable, dignified, and stress-free as possible. Let us take this journey with you.