Hospitality Lodges

In 1998, when we first opened our doors, our vision was to establish a guest house primarily for corporate clients.

However, our strategic location in the heart of Sandton’s medical metropolis soon revealed a different role for us: a sanctuary for individuals supporting loved ones in the hospital or undergoing medical treatments themselves.

Over the ensuing decades, as our lodges expanded, our connections with medical professionals in and around Johannesburg deepened.

We organically became the preferred provider, not just for accommodation but also for care, genuine relationships, and swift, efficient medical support solutions in any situation.

We do what hospitals can’t.

This is YOUR medical journey.
Let us take it with you and make it as comfortable,
dignified and stress-free as possible.

Sunninghill Recovery Lodge

Experience genuine, holistic care at Sunninghill Recovery Lodge. Our unique approach prioritises your well-being, combining support, luxury, and privacy for a swift recovery. With a 24/7 team dedicated to your dignity and comfort, nestled near Netcare Sunninghill Hospital, we offer a serene, non-clinical environment blending top-tier medical care with empathy.

Our compassionate staff and serene gardens foster physical, mental, and emotional recovery. Tailored to your needs, we offer nutrient-rich meals, attentive care, and a peaceful setting, ensuring your health and recuperation. Accommodations for loved ones bolster our support system, emphasising support and comfort as we celebrate victories and empower your journey towards genuine recovery.


Sunninghill Guest Lodge

Step into Sunninghill Guest Lodge, an esteemed “home away from home” for over two decades. Our premier hospitality creates a refined sanctuary that exceeds standard accommodations. Enjoy luxury without domestic chores, thanks to impeccable housekeeping and laundry. Our breakfast underscores exceptional value. With secure parking and a controlled suburb, your arrival is safe and convenient.

Your stay boasts comforts like air conditioning, streaming services, and workspaces. Partnered with fitness and personal care professionals, we offer tailored amenities. plus, integrated features like hairdryers, and dining arrangements that enrich our personalised offering.

Adjacent to Sunninghill Recovery Lodge, we ensure connections with loved ones. Join us, where our legacy of comfort spans decades.

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Your home on your medical journey.
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