Who stays in the Sunninghill Recovery Lodge

We serve in the community around the northern suburbs of Johannesburg which is generally an affluent area and the people who would come stay with us will be people who have access to good health care, probably people referred to us by the wonderful doctors we are blessed to have on our doorstep.

Due to our position and reputation as well as relationships with various international medical aids, we often look after guests from neighbouring South African countries like Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Kenya, Mozambique, the DRC, Mauritius, st Helena, Reunion and Madagascar.

Also due to our relationships with the international medical aid, we often have guests who stay with us after falling ill in Africa or suffering an injury. Over the past 23 years, we have had guests from all over Europe, the States, middle-east, far east, Russia to name but a few places.

Due to the high density of specialists in our area and the lack of said type of specialists in other areas of South Africa we serve patients from all regions in South Africa especially Gauteng, Free state, Mpumalanga, KZN, North-west.

We are aware of the fact that even though the guests we look after has disposable income in common, their cultures, practises, languages and races differ hugely. We realize that people from various cultures have to be treated differently. It is true that we have more things in common than on what we differ, but we are sensitive, especially to people of older generations.

There are specific specialists in the area and we look after many post-surgical patients as well as guests who recently suffered strokes and other illnesses. Guests undergoing treatments feel safe and independent with us.

Due to the vast variety of people, we will look after each individual will have to be treated in accordance with their beliefs and culture.

The emotional needs of our guests will often vary too. A mother with an extremely sick child will be anxious and will most likely appreciate a hug and some time to chat. A businessman recovering from a bi-lateral knee replacement might need a glass of wine and good wifi more than emotional interaction. A burn victim often needs re-assurance as life could be overwhelming.

Our guests with severe injuries or ailments are treated with extreme caution as they are likely to be in pain and at all cost, we need to assist them with great tenderness. We are sensitive to the entire healing process and simple touches like a quiet environment, comfortable linen, soft music if any and staff speaking in soft tones is invaluable.

A relationship with clergy in general has been established, our own believes do not matter and we create an environment where all faiths are welcome.

We are sensitive to the psychological impact on a patient, for instance a stroke or heart attack. Being reminded of our own mortality is not easy and as care workers we are patient and sensitive if patients present with agitation and depression.

We must therefor allow the individuals’ specific needs and conditions to predetermine how he or she is treated. The role we play will not just be to produce nutrient-dense meals, restful ambience, spotlessly clean rooms, 24/7 excellent care, co-ordination of therapies but to find what the patient needs emotionally too. Without fail one can find a connection with a person and once the guest feels safe and valued his/her recovery will undoubtedly speed up. We are so blessed to have a huge amount of resources, albeit that none are free.

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