What is a Recovery Lodge?

This was a question we were asked many times whilst we started putting up our signage for the recovery lodge we opened directly opposite one of the best hospitals on the African continent. The answer is simple, a recovery lodge is where you stay when you are not quite sick enough to justify a stay at the hospital, but you are too sick to cope alone at home.

A recovery lodge is similar to a sub-acute facility or even a step down facility, however, it remains part of the hospitality industry at its core, and is not categorized as a medical facility.

One way to explain it would be to say; It is almost like the opposite of a hospital. Just like a hospital has to take care of your accommodation and meals, despite it not being a hotel or restaurant. A recovery lodge takes care of your medical needs but their main focus would be your needs related to their own industry, hospitality.

A recovery lodge is built differently to your usual hotel though, firstly it is 100% wheelchair friendly and patient orientated. Rooms are also equipped with nurse call systems, grab handles, the odd commode, bath chairs, and no furniture that can cause injury.

The biggest asset and by far the hardest to find, is the staff member who has the unique disposition to suit both industries; medical and hospitality. Whilst you need individuals trained sufficiently to assist with medical needs, that same staff member must have a servant’s heart. Staff members must passionately care for those they attend to and guard their dignity. They must have the ability to sense when a patient needs quiet time to mourn or a shoulder to cry on. They need to be tough enough to understand that abuse hurled at one during a painful medical procedure is not personal. They need to be gentle enough to compassionately emphasize with a patient who is grieving the loss of a limb. Apart from all of these requirements, they also need to have the medical training and qualifications.

The psychological aspect of a recovery lodge is that one recovers quicker and more thoroughly when in a home environment. Imagine having a good night’s rest without the sounds of nurses scurrying around the hospital hall ways. Imagine the smell of freshly baked croissants and coffee instead of the sterile smell of pine gel which epitomizes hospitals around the world. Imagine having a smiling carer administer your medicine rather than your husband frantically searching for your pain meds. Imagine your physio therapist coming to you and guiding you into a heated pool, straight from the luxury of your recliner rather than you walking up and down cold hallways in your hospital gown.

A recovery lodge serves your physical and emotional needs and in this way can promote holistic healing on all human levels.

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