What do Step-Down Facilities Do?

We are often asked what a sub-acute or step-down facility’s carer do.

Here is a list of some of the things we keep ourselves busy with on a daily basis at Sunninghill Recovery Lodge.

Assist, if necessary, with personal care such as bathing, grooming, ablutions, mouth care and dressing. Guests arrive in different stages of recovery and we adapt to this allowing the guest to guide us as to their needs in their personal space. Our assistance is re-assessed on a daily basis.

General /health care such as administering medication. Making sure patient takes his/her meds at the right time according to specifications. We also collect prescriptions and fill these accordingly if needed.

Emotional assistance and monitoring guest’s state of mind, supporting the guest with his / her emotional needs in a space they feel comfortable to allow this. If needed looking after the guest’s loved ones’ emotional needs as they often feel overwhelmed.

Mobility assistance, helping the guest with getting in and out of bed, chairs, wheelchairs, bath, toilet, commode, shower or vehicle. Also assisting whilst guest is learning new mobility skills and exercising.

We assist with making appointments for our guests with relevant doctors, specialists and therapists and co-ordinating said visits.

We assist with making sure there is personal assistance, recording whether guest is coping on all levels during different stages of the day.

Spiritual needs also need to be met, we do this by organising visits to mosques, temples or churches or co-ordinating visits from the clergy.

Co-ordinating transport needs, assistance during medical visits off-site and other outings.

Making sure the transition between hospital and home goes smoothly, ensuring that guest slowly engages virtually with work if needed and monitoring social interaction with family and friends.

Grounding guests who battle with psychological challenges and being companions to those who are in need of this.

Room organisation, where we assist with unpacking, laundry, ensuring sufficient toiletries are kept.

Health monitoring, we keep record of all guests’ vitals, food intake, medicine plus all therapies and other medical interventions which was received.

Providing shopping like medical supplies, special food items, toiletries needed for specific ailments etc

Monitoring the nutritional intake of guests whilst keeping in mind their religious restrictions and tastes.

Immediate response to the guest when nurse call button is activated.

We also consider it a duty to actively enhance our training constantly.

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