Welcome to our home away from home!

My husband and I moved to Botswana from the USA in early 1992. Back then Botswana was still very much a developing country, so we travelled to Johannesburg several times a year for medical appointments and major shopping. We stayed at many different B&B’s and lodges, and it seemed like each one was an adventure. Some were, to put it nicely, not nice, and one was downright eerie. We did a lot of one-night stays and never found a place that we wanted to return to again.

By the 2,000’s, Botswana was a happening place, and we rarely needed to go to SA anymore, except for specialist medical appointments. About ten years ago, our daughter, who has multiple disabilities, needed to have an operation done in Johannesburg. This time our only criteria for finding a place to stay was that it be very near the Sunninghill hospital, and that is how we became acquainted with Sunninghill Guest Lodge. What an amazing place! We were used to, at best, people being extremely uncomfortable around our daughter, and, at worst, people treating her like she has three heads. At Sunninghill, she was adored by Ann-Magret, the owner, and staff alike. We were in a huge city, in a foreign country, waiting for our daughter to go “under the knife” for the first time in her life, and Sunninghill Guest Lodge was exactly what we needed. We were fed not only the best breakfasts in the world, but also heaping doses of kindness, empathy, encouragement, and hope. We basked in the beautiful, comfortable, serene environment and the attentiveness of Ann-Magret and her staff.

We have never had to look for another place to stay in Johannesburg, because we finally found the best! For the past ten years, it has been our home away from home. This passion and penchant for hospitality AND caregiving are now being taken to an even higher level at Sunninghill Recovery Lodge, and I can’t imagine a better home away from home for you!

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